Fitness Center

Fitness Center
Our state-of-the-art fitness center has what you need to get in shape and stay active all year-round.
Must be 15 years or older to use the fitness equipment in the Fitness Center.
Enjoy a variety of cardiovascular machines from Matrix Fitness and Concept 2 including:
- Matrix T5 Treadmill (6)
- Matrix E5X Elliptical (4)
- Matrix A5X Ascent Trainer (2)
- Matrix C5X Climbmill
- Matrix U5X Upright Cycle 
- Matrix R5X Recumbent Cycle (2) 
- Matrix H5X Hybrid Cycle 
- Concept 2: Model D Rower 
 Selectorized Strength Machines Include:
- Matrix Aura Series Converging Chest Press
- Matrix Aura Series Converging Shoulder
- Matrix Aura Series Diverging Seated Row 
- Matrix Aura Series Arm Curl 
- Matrix Aura Series Tricep Extension 
- Matrix Aura Series Leg Press 
- Matrix Aura Series Leg Extension 
- Matrix Aura Series Seated Leg Curl 
- Matrix Aura Series Abdominal Crunch 
- Matrix Aura Series Back Extension
- Matrix Aura Series Lat Pull 
5 Stack Machine Includes: 
- Matrix Aura Series: Cable Cross, Low Row, Lat Pull and Triceps Press
Matrix Varsity Series Flat Bench 
- Matrix Varsity Series Multi-Adjustable Bench 
- Matrix Varsity Series Preacher Curl-Seated 
- Matrix Varsity Series Adjustable Decline Bench 
- Matrix Magnum Series Breaker Olympic Flat Bench 
Plate Loaded Strength Pieces: 
- Matrix Magnum Series Leg Press 
- Matrix Magnum Series Incline Bench Press 
- Matrix Magnum Series Seated Calf 
Dumbbells Include: 
- York Rubber Hex set:  5lb-100lb Dumbbells with 3-Tier Rack 
Matrix Connexus Perimeter Wall Unit: 
- Matrix Medicine Balls: 5, 6, 8 and 10lb  
Matrix Landmine Attachment with Olympic Bar
- Matrix Battle Rope 
Matrix TRX Straps  
SPRI Slam Balls:  6, 8, 10 and 15lb 
- SPRI Kettlebells:  20, 25, 30, 35 and 40lb 
70lb Heavy Bag including 2 pairs of boxing gloves  
Other Equipment Including:  
- Matrix Varsity Series Power Rack 
- Matrix Varsity Series Smith Machine 
- Matrix Varsity Series Vertical Knee Raise/Dip Station